Sunday, March 6, 2011

Here the epic story starts.

Juba was returning home, after all seemed to be happy ended with the Maximus and others. Unfortunately he fell into a kind of space curvature... In one moment he walked by a desert, then a big-bang happend.
Juba woke up in a strange forest, before a church like-building. He was dressed in funny... dress, and just after awakening some strange guy cried:
- Oh, great... we need you... erm... Juba? Juba... - muttered McBride, as Juba red the name from the badge. - We've already have a Juba on board.
- So what? - growled Juba. He was, maybe, in a little shock, but a shyness was not his very characteristic feature. As well as patience. The concern was: "where he knows my name?". The short concern. It ended, when Juba gazed above his head and saw a big blue floating text...
- We cannot have two Jubas in a soup... I mean: on the roster. - Not baffed McBride interrupted Juba's thougts. - You need to use other name. - He firmly concluded.
- Ok - agreed Juba, definitely shocked after worlds switch and strange floating things above allmost everybody in the surroundings. - What name?
- Well... - wondered the newbie guide. - What do you say to 'Juba99'?
- WHAT? - shouted Juba with his fists clenched.
- Easy pal, easy... - the guard realised, that he crossed the line. - Maybe we introduce some descriptive name. What do you intent to do?
- I... I intend... - gasped the black newbie. - TO KILL...! - He started to slowly approach the more and more nervous McBride.
- That's fine! - shouted the guard quickly and nervously, then he followed with quick mumbling. - So, so good. You want to kill, and from you clothes you seem to be a... - McBride swallowed - priest...
- ROOOAARRRR - yelled Juba with his face turning red, as far as black man can turn red.
- But, but - McB tried to cool down the situation. - But we have a large variety of priest... The healing one and a killing one...
- Huh? - a flash of interest showed in Juba's eyes.
- Yes, yes. - Continued more and more anxious guide. - Shadowpriests... Huge, dangerous and menacing killing machines.
- I TAKE THE ROLE - agreed the black man.
- Ok - sighted McBride with relief. - If we've come to this, please sign here.
The guard slipped a pre-filled form to Juba, trying to remember to make an extra sacrifice to the Holy Light.
- Hmm... - Juba's reading in foreign world language was not so easy, but the proposed nickname was bolded. That helped a lot. - A "Deadlymonk"?
Marshall McBride was about to explain, but he stopped on Juba's: "I'll take it. Whats my first task?"

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